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Soccer (known as football in the rest of the world) is the most popular sport worldwide. If you’ve become enamored with soccer recently and want to improve your skills, then you’re probably looking for ways to practice at home. There are actually certain soccer drills that will be useful to you and are easy to do at home. Take a look at the soccer drills below and use them to increase your soccer abilities over time. 

Dribbling in a Figure-8 Pattern

Dribbling in a figure-8 pattern is a great drill that you can do in your backyard. Just set up two cones in your backyard and dribble the ball in a figure-8 pattern between the two cones. The cones should be approximately 4.5 yards apart. Some people also challenge themselves by using only the inside of their feet to dribble or only the outside. 

Stair Stepping Drills

Stair stepping drills might not sound like fun, but they are excellent training for soccer. If you take the time to do drills like this, then you’ll be improving your stamina and your balance at the same time. Put the ball in front of you and jump on the ball. You need to jump off of the ball without allowing it to roll backward. 

This is a great drill because you can do it just about anywhere you have enough space to jump. It might be hard to master this drill at first, but you will get the hang of it over time. Try to work quickly while maintaining your balance and control. 

Wall Juggling Drills

Wall juggling is a soccer drill that can drastically improve your reflexes. Stand as far as three yards away from a wall and then start practicing juggling and throws. Keep doing this for as long as you want, and you’ll be working on your skills the whole time. It’s good to do this soccer drill often because it can make you feel more comfortable when doing both juggles and throws. 

There is a way to make this drill more challenging, as well. You’re using the wall to bounce the ball back and forth, but you can challenge yourself by using your thighs, chest, or different parts of your feet. Just try to maintain good balance and work on your ability to control the ball.