Gustav Just


Gustav Just of Wexford, PA, is a financial professional with a passion for all things sports-related. His favorite hobbies include any activity that allows him to be physically active. Some of his favorite sports are ice hockey and golf (which he plays frequently), but he will participate in anything. Skiing, basketball, hiking, gym workouts — if you name the time and place to be, he will be there!

As an avid golfer, Gustav Just enjoys playing on courses near his home in Wexford, but he also loves to experiencing new golf courses. He challenges himself every year to add to the number of different golf courses he has played on. His goal each year is to add at least three new courses to his list.
In his professional life, Gustav Just currently serves as a Regional Vice President for TransAmerica Mutual Funds. In this role, he oversees financial advisors throughout western Pennsylvania. Before joining TransAmerica, Gustav had already accumulated over a decade of experience within the financial sector, earning a reputation as a self-motivated and dedicated professional and leader.

Gustav Just enjoys working in sales within the investment industry because he has the opportunity to have personal interactions with both advisors and clients. He believes that building relationships is essential. He enjoys bonding over how the company’s funds are improving the lives of his advisors’ clients — whether it is for retirement planning, saving for college education, or the beginning stages of wealth-building.
For his education, Gustav Just first attended the University of South Florida, where he studied liberal arts and sciences. He later graduated with a degree in finance from the Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Gustav is also certified as an Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor (APMA) through the College for Financial Planning.
Family is a central part of Gustav Just’s life, and he loves to play sports with his six-year-old son. He spends time coaching for his son’s hockey team, and he also enjoys working with him on his golf game. Gustav also has a three-year-old son who already loves golf. He looks forward to starting his younger son in ice hockey someday, as well.

Sports coaching is one of Gustav Just’s favorite traditions passed down from his family. He is grateful for the opportunity to coach his sons and carry on the tradition. Since a young age, he has been passionate about sports and appreciates the commitment, hard work, and skill sets necessary to be successful. Regardless of what sport he is playing or watching, Gustav enjoys the team dynamics that take place during the game or match, which is why he is interested in a wide variety of sports.

Apart from work, family, and sports, Gustav Just is committed to fundraising efforts for cancer research. He recently lost his step-father to cancer, so the cause is near and dear to his heart. He is grateful for all the prior cancer research that his step-father could take advantage of early in his diagnosis.

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